Military/Overseas (UOCAVA) Absentee Information

/Military/Overseas (UOCAVA) Absentee Information
Military/Overseas (UOCAVA) Absentee Information2018-09-27T14:44:57+00:00

Military personnel, their family members and overseas voters (UOCAVA voters) may receive their absentee ballot via e-mail or by-mail upon request. UOCAVA voters may track when the ballot was received by their local county election commission office. The voted ballot must be received by the local county election commission office by the close of polls on election day to be counted.

If you are not in the military, a family member of the military, or an overseas citizen, these instructions do not apply to you and you may not use the Form 76. Please refer to Absentee Voting.

  1. Who may apply to vote absentee under T.C.A. § 2-6-502? 
  2. Must I already be a registered voter to vote in Tennessee pursuant to this provision?
  3. When may a registered voter or individual who meets the above requirements apply to vote by absentee ballot? 
  4. What is the process for requesting an absentee ballot? 
  5. How do I submit the request or application to my local county commission? 
  6. To be counted, when must the voted ballot be received by the county election commission?
  7. Must I submit an application for each election in the upcoming year? 
  8. What if I do not receive or ruin my ballot and can no longer use it? 
  9. What if I do not provide all of the information required on the by mail ballot application?
  10. How may I receive my absentee ballot?
  11. May I track my absentee ballot?